Rural Fencing needs to be installed and constructed the right way. If it isn’t, it can have disastrous effects on your home or business. Farms and Agribusinesses especially need quality fencing built by professionals who know exactly what materials, heights, depths of posts and construction restrictions are required.

Coffs Harbour Fencing have been servicing up and down the east coast of Australia for over ten years, and know exactly what is required for each type of Rural Farm, Home or Agribusiness. No matter the size, they’re always happy to help at a competitive price.

From Hobby Farms right through to Commercial Grade Farms, Coffs Fencing has supplied all types of Rural Fencing for livestock, home pets, etc. This includes both Rural and Semi-Rural areas, and all sizes.

Can come in all types of construction methods. Can provide Electric Fencing, Post and Rail and anything else you can think of.

Our Types of Fence: Koppers Logs Star Picket, Split Post, Hinge Joint, Plain Wire, Netting, Barb and more.